Eastbay Gold Prospecting & Treasure Hunting Club

East Bay Prospectors Alaska Expedition 2013

Hello Fellow East Bay Prospectors!  Below is information and planning for the East Bay Prospectors Alaska Expedition 2013.  As you can see, there will be many places and options to go for Alaska Gold.  We have planned a preliminary schedule of events and matching calendar to where we'll visit.  Please refer to the Power Point presentation.  Make sure you download / print copies for yourself as the club in the efforts to minimize club expenses will not be printing the presentation.


If you plan on bringing a firearm, here is a link to the firearm declaration for Canada and regulations.  WE HIGHLY ADVISE  YOU DO NOT BRING A HANDGUN THROUGH CANADA. Rules related to handguns are more stringent and permit process will take MUCH LONGER than a long gun and/or shotgun.
Fill out the form ahead of time and create 3 (THREE) completed copies to submit to the Canadian customs/border patrol.  All additional information is within the    
There will be a expedition planning meeting on Jan 30th at 7:30pm (changed from the 27th) after the staff meeting for those interested in going. Please see the website calendar for details.