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Hey guys. I bought an 18" rock saw about 2 years ago, but it was missing a blade.

A few months ago I finally got a blade for it, and I just got it working.

I have finally been able to cut up the rocks that I have accumulated over the years while out prospecting.

As things usually go, now that I have it working, I'll probably end up selling it soon.

So if anyone has a rock or two that they would like to have cut open, I'll gladly do it for you, but time is short. Hit me up soon or it might be too late!

I'm not soliciting to sell my rock saw (yet), nor am I looking to cut up your rocks into a loaf of bread. I'm just offering the use of my saw to anyone who wants to know what's inside of a few rocks that they have found out in the hills.

Send me a private message to make arrangements.

I'm located in Walnut Creek, near Kaiser Hospital. (680/24 interchange)

Oh yea, I don't want money. I'm doing this for FREE!


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hows it going rich, long time no see. I would like to add that I also   have a tile saw I use to cut rocks. I am in los gatos, If anyone in the south bay needs to use one.




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