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I've got a bunch of sheet aluminum that I picked up recently, and I have more than I need.
If anyone is looking for a 4x6 or 4x3 piece (1/2 of a 4x6) of sheet metal, I'd be willing to sell them for $60 and $30.

The trough material was made for running cable in buildings, but it looks just like a sluice box. The only problem is that the bottom of the 'sluice box' is kind of thin and probably needs to be replaced with thicker aluminum. (If only there was someone selling sheet aluminum!)

These would be best used for making a long tom. They are SUPER rigid.
I have them in 12 foot, 10 foot, 7 foot, 6 foot, and 4 foot lengths.
I'll sell them as-is (not willing to cut-to-length) for $10 per foot.


Send me a private message if you are interested. I'm in Walnut Creek.


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