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We've spoke at the East Bay meetings in the past but wanted to update you all on our latest moves to get us back in the water.


We are taking this locally, to the county Sheriff's individually.  We have spoken with several so far and are forming a coalition of Sheriff's who will ignore the dredge moratorium and allow dredging in their county.  We have 3 on board so far and are working hard to get some more.


Many of us are fed up, guess what?  So are some of our Sheriff's.  We could use your support.


We have some new videos we just produced and think you'll really like them.


AMRA, American Mining Rights Association, fighting HARD for your right to mine and use YOUR public lands.

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Great news.

Thanks for all you've done, and what you're doing.


 People are doing either what they THINK is right,
or what they KNOW is wrong.

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Gold Hunter Bob
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Thanks AMRA. You are doing some great work.


Hunting down that shiny gold!

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