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I'll start with the intent of this raffle. It is strictly a fundraiser for the club. Sourdough Joe won the trip and donated it to be raffled off amongst club members. (He could have kept it for himself!) The winning ticket will be picked at the Christmas Party. The General membership voted at the December General Meeting to continue ticket sales at the Christmas party, but to club members only. (No lucky bartenders allowed to buy tickets!) So, if you haven't purchased tickets and plan to at the Christmas party, please bring your 2013 membership card. The ticket sales crew will only sell tickets to members with membership cards or very familiar faces in case you didn't get a card. Again, the intent is for this trip to go to a club member so please bear with us on this group decision to maximize the number of tickets sold down to the wire. We are facing some uncertaincies with respect to claim maintenance fees. If we perform maintenance on our claims, we don't pay the maintenance fees. Five of our claims burned in the Rim Fire and the area is closed through 2014. We may have to pay the normally exempted fees due to lack of access. Based of the total claim arceage, this would be well over $1000. Things are in flux right now but we need to prepare for the worst case scenario.

So, again, as voted upon at the December General Membership Meeting, the Alaska trip raffle tickets sales will be open to club members only at the Christmas party. If you have a problem with this decision, please submit your complaint in writing, on the back of a 100 bill, and submit it to the EBP staff.

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hahahahahaha back of a 100$ bill! I dig it dale!  




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