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New to prospecting, have finally made up to the sierras a few times, and have become decent at panning. Now I want to start capturing some of the fine gold that I know I am missing with my pan.  

I have watched all of the youtube videos on both the blue bowl - or the Tidy Bowl =) as well as the miller table.  

It seems to me that the table is a little more forgiving and easier to fabricate.

Any oppinions?

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Greg Arend
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I have a miller table and I love to bring my concentrates home and run them through it! The black sand just filters away slowly, leaving the specks of gold . I usually feed it one spoon at a time.

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Hi Red...I have saved black sands for over 20 +years. IMHO, You should not worry about that yet....Keep collecting for awhile...Stash the con's in cans and later, when you have enough to really proccess, Borrow or buy what you need to get it done.


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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