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Folks, here something to keep an eye on.

This Victor Marshall has produced near a couple of hundred you tube videos on mining. From many of them, we recognize outright Trespass, (claim jumping) on several of our folks claims. He seems to have taken advantage of this dry year and is making the rounds to local streams and is demonstrating his prowess at mining.


We are not sure of his motives, but those who have come in contact with him expressed that they feel very uncomfortable around him. We are in contact with the US Forest Service and they are monitoring his activities.

It appears he and his merry men, had damaged some gate locks and broke into the Pine Nut Lodge. As us usual with folks of this brilliance, he has provided quite a bit of video footage of his activities. Some of the footage will be handy in prosecution of Trespass!


We are asking you to be aware, take notice of him and his crew, and report to your local US Forest Service his camp locations, vehicle license plates, and descriptions of individuals. If you are a victim of claim jumping, please file the necessary restraining orders to have him barred from you claims. Feel free to pass on your contact with him to me and we will keep informal track of his activities.


It appears that he has an old white pick up truck, but we do not know much about him otherwise. If you know him, do him a favor and let him know that his activities are noted and that he probably needs to file his own claim and restrain himself.

You can go to You Tube and punch in his name and you will find hours and hours of video


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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Wow is he really that stupid? Claim Jumper!


" :)"

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An update on this from Jim Hutchings:

Recently, I sent out an inquiry regarding a Victor Marshall! As I hoped, someone who knew him forwarded my concerns to him. Victor has contacted me. He has relayed to me, his side of a couple of stories that have been told. There appears to be some merit to his side of the story, and I have to give him the benefit of the doubt as he makes some very good points.

He assured me that there has been no removal of gold from the claims in the videos. While claims like mine, may have been filmed, any scenes of gold mining or clean up are not related and that those that do, are products of video editing.

I have offered him my telephone number and asked him to stay in touch with me by email. If there are any additional concerns, I promised him that he and I could work them out.

He assures me that he has not been engaged in any claim trespass for the purpose of removal of values. So, there you have it!

As I stated to him, we have so many outside forces working us over, we need to not work each other over! We need to concentrate on those trying to destroy us from without!

He does have some pretty good videos of some areas most of us are unfamiliar with. While, they could use a little polish and shine, they are interesting!

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