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The season has started, and all my old mining partners have made the foolish decision to get jobs! :P

Looking for some new blood that is willing and able to do some weekday mining, and can move some material!

(I like to make the most of my mining outings, so you must be able to keep up! lol)

I've got a claim that I want to hit within the next few days (May 1st, 2nd or 3rd) before it dries up for the season. It has some pretty good gold, and I've already got the larger pieces of equipment on site.

Just looking for someone who's willing to shovel gravel with me for a few hours, and it's in the shade all day!

Reward? Most likely a gram or two of gold.

Either reply to this message or send me a private message.

I also have a claim on the American River and another up by Alleghany that I will be working once this one has dried up. Both of those have good gold too. (Will be using different equipment on those claims though.)


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