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I am still relatively new to gold prospecting, but have spent the past 6 summer vacations with my family at Roaring Camp.  That's where I had my first exposure, and I've benefited from a lot of great people teaching me things over the years (especially the staff!) You could say I really love it.   In fact, I first heard of this group at the weekly Roaring Camp steak dinner.  I sat across from Irene (who had just won the 49ers weekend panning competition) and we talked a little bit about it.  I decided to do a little research prior to taking a friend of mine to do some digging, for his birthday.  That's when I ran across the website and remembered my conversation with Irene.  I hope to become more active over time and visit some of the upcoming meetings.  I live just inside Napa county, in American Canyon...so it's a little bit of a hike, but not too far.  As for me and my friend, later this month we will head to Bear River and try our luck.  Hopefully, I'll have something worth reporting back. Either way, it'll be fun.  Thanks to everyone here for the great resource of information.  The forums, links to websites, videos, etc...are fantastic.   

Best regards,

Michael Stribling

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Welcome Strib! 


Greg Bucklin

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