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Well, Hurthawk and I got on down into the canyons of the Little Jackass drainage yesterday, from first glance there was everything to like about the place. Smoothed blue bedrock, quartz stringers running through the bedrock and the creeks, large pieces of quartz all over the landscape. We split up and hit two different creeks, went at it, cracking, crevicing and hitting the gravels. Everything you could possibly want, except AU!. So now I think I may have an idea how it got its name, as I'm feeling the little Jackass myself.

Just remember, you have to look to find new spots, and a lot of the spots you'll look at will become forgotten spots rather quickly for their lack of gold. Still, it beats working or fishing. See you soon Hurthawk, on more golden placers.



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glad you brought that up. Our new spot that we were so excited about turns out to be a little spotty.  Sounds like your place also, but as soon as we got there I found a good size picker, and hubby found four, but no more after that.  Lots of crystals though.  We worked the small gravel, large gravel, bedrock, and moss.  Did we miss anything?  Still not in every pan and cant seem to find the streek yet.  Cant wait till next weekend to look for it again though.


Have a great day all.




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thanks for taking the time to share the point that prospecting meanslooking and sampling areas to see if there is gold or not. thats how the 49,ers did it.. thanks !

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