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Hello Prospectors!!

As most of you know I have been shooting video of the club, the members and the outings for over a year now. I am planning for a completed documentary by the end of the year. I am in search of your photo or video of our trips. Also I am in need of people for interviews. I could travel a short distance, or if your in the area of Lodi, you could come to me. No need to be shy while we're at the outings either...Come talk to me..I will "mike you up" and away we go. I'm really hoping to get enough footage to finish this...

Thanks again to all who have helped me out..




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Well I rarely grant interviews anymore due to the fact that the Papperazzi always manages to get their hands on the footage, which they then edit and alter to make me look bad, thereby turning my fans against me. For instance once when I was being interviewed with Mother Theresa I was photographed while hugging her, This photo was to be on the cover of Time Magazine and was pretty much gauranteed to make me rich, famous and poular through out the World. I waited very impatiently for months till the photo cover was finally published by the Times. I was HORRIFIED when I discovered the Papperazzi had aqquired the photo somehow and photoshopped it. The photo no longer showed me hugging the legendary Mother Theresa, but instead showed me slapping her in the face, which I swear I did not do!!!!!  I was forced into seclusion for over 10 years because of all the death threats I recieved because of that fake photo which turned me into a piriahea overnight!! So anyway I am sure you can understand my reluctance to be interviewed and can truly appreciate the fact that for the club I have agreed to do it anyway!!


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 mother theresa herself huh !!!!




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ROFL... good one 3K


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ya sure any time



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