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I have a 2200+ degree Farenheit (1200*Celcius) furnace that I would like to sell.

I bought it (used) a few years back, and have only had the occasion to use it once.

(I melted some scrap gold, and it worked great.)

It comes with an Omega digital thermostatic controller that allows you to precisely set the temperature you want.

Inside dimensions are: 3.5" high, 4" wide, and 9" deep.

I am looking to get $600 for it.

It is in great working condition, and looks fairly decent too.

Here is a quick picture I took of the furnace, with the controller sitting on top. (When using the funace, it would be placed at a safe distance next to it.)

I will post a link later to more (and better) pictures.

You can reach me at:




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My wife would like to know if the furnace is still for sale and if it programable for glass and metel clays.

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Sent you a private message.

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