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Randy "C-17A"
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Greetings East Bay Gold Prospectors,


Well, I finally have decided to sell my authentic Keene "Green Bowl". I bought it about 4 years ago when Lloyd, mine boss, at the Thermal City Gold Mine, I believe it was, had a small stock pile of these out of production Keene Green Bowls.


They went real fast and I paid $125 back then for it, plus shipping, before they sold out.


I added an Atwood 500 gpm 12-volt water bilge pump, and the requisite garden hose "Y" valve to regulate water speed and alligator clips and power cord to simply clip onto your car battery or any 12-volt battery. I sat it on top of a 5-gal bucket with water return holes cut into the 5-gal bucket, and set the bucket in a low, flat tub for water use/return.


Truth is this Green Bowl works great, and the patented 3 levels inside the bowl design, the molded in riffle bars really helps separate the fine gold from black sand...........much like a sluice.


Over the years, as I operated it, I realized 2 additional modifications would make it even faster & better at trapping the VERY fine gold specks & flakes from back sand. One was to sharpen up the depth & edges of the inside 3-level dams, and the other was to drill a bunch of very shallow, 3/8th inch holes into the bottom to give a bunch more spots for gold to settle into and get trapped............allowing for a slightly faster water speed without losing any fine gold, meaning a quicker run session and less time invested, running cons.


Since I started my www.goldadventures.biz web site 2 years ago, and now that I sell the vast majority of my "as dredged" cons to the public, I just don't have need for this Green Bowl any longer. Time to get it back into circulation. So, it's up for sale. I offer it here, to my loyal Gold Adventurers first. If nobody wants it, I'll offer it next on other web site Forums, and if need be, for auction on eBay.


Although the water pump runs, it's 4 years old, and I suspect one will have to reaplce it some day soon. And the tub and 5-gal bucket is easy/cheap to find/have, so to keep shipping costs to a minimum, I sell just the Green Bowl, and the water pump/wiring.


Total cost is $125 plus $13 USPS Parcel Post for a 6 pound box = $138.


First one to e-mail me at [email protected] gets it...


Thanks again!!!


Randy "C-17A" :D








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Randy "C-17A"
Posts: 54





Randy "C-17A" :D www.goldadventures.biz

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