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My name is Dennis, but please, call me Mac.

I wanted to say hello to everyone.  I recently re-joined GPAA and was looking for a home, and came across a kinda new club called East Bay.  Seemed like a long distance to join a club (I'm in Citrus Heights).  So I continued to look around....and the more I looked, the more often East Bay Prospectors turned up. 

Videos on you-tube, people on boards mentioning East Bay, and then a web site that turns out to be packed FULL of info.  A calender of events, a forum of folks wanting to help, not only the club but the individual!  I hit the jackpot.

I'm 55, have done some minor prospecting on and off since I was 17.  I have a keene sluice, a 2" keene dredge (doing a conversation to a power sluice), pans, plenty of crevassing tools, a Sand n Gold, and I'm looking for a leafer blower now to convert to a vac.  Plenty of equipment, lots of book and internet learning, but a minimal amount of experience.  Looking forward to filling that gap with you folks.

My son, Christian was almost as eager as I was when I found you guys, he's a member now also.  Watch for one of my buddies, Tony, he'll be here soon.

Looking forward to meeting you good folks, see ya at the monthly.




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:P Welcome


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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Tim Chandler
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Great to have you as new members see tou at the meetings

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Welcome aboard Mac..... 8)


Scotty  EastbayChapter GPAA                                                    

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