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Pucky sent me this way! Recently joined GPAA for fun, excercise, and camaraderie.

Cut my teeth on the East Fork of the SanGabriel River and now ready to try and join the big boys:).  Looking forward to meeting some of you at an outing or two.

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You made it Boomer! Welcome!! Possible snow on the Rose Creek Claims tonight! Check out the videos and pictures; Then call me, OK?


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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Welcome Boomer,

I was raised in so.cal (El Monte) and spent many a day at East Fork, maybe we can trade old war stories about the area sometime.  Ever make it back to the bridge to nowhere?  What was the name of that old Gold Shop on Azusa Blvd?  Or the one on Colorado up in...was it Pasadena?  Old memories flooding in, lol.  Hope to see ya soon.


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Funny, I grew up in a little farm house on Arrow Highway in Azusa. Even spent time in Alaska after the military and spent 18 years in Las Vegas before I moved to Sacramento and was totally clueless on the gold all around me.:roll:

Welcome to the club. I'm new as well and hoping to meet some of these great people and enjoy some gold getting adventures with them. ;)



God Rocks!

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