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Made it out prospecting again this weekend, and I went with Star to one of my claims. The claim is basically just a drywash in an old hydraulicing area, and has just a little bit of water running thru it.

With minimal effort we were able to drive right up to the claim, and right to where we set up the booming equipment. Literally.

If we were any closer I guess we could have run the equipment right out of the back of his truck!

Here is a picture of Star in front of a vertical wall, which is on the opposite side of the wash (Unfortunately, it is not part of the claim).

Here is Star again, same spot, but giving you the true view of how high the vertical wall is.

My guess is that it is about 40 feet high!

We had a pretty good day. We sampled two spots; one being the location pictured above, and the second out in the middle of the wash, where it seems to be the route of the flow when there is 'high water'.

The first location we tried was showing some decent gold, but when we moved to the second location, we doubled our production, AND found a nice picker!

Sorry, no picture, but maybe Star will post a picture of it.... ?

Since the picker outweighed all the rest of the gold we found that day, Star got the picker, and I got the rest. I ended up with .085 grams of gold, and I guesstimate his picker at about .13 grams.

Here is a picture of my gold for the day.

We ended the day around 5pm (it got cold and windy), but we still had a great time getting gold and learning how to run his booming equipment.

I can't wait to get back and work the hole of our second location deeper!

I'd also like to run a trommel out there, since there are several places where the bank has sluffed off and would be EASY diggings for shoveling.

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Wow! Lookit all that old river bed!! 'drools'

Nice report and beautiful location rich68. BTW my name is richard too and born in 1968, lol. :D


God Rocks!

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Good Gold guys!



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4x4 Mike
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Richard good to hear you are booming with no dredging it is the next best thing. I do wonder how long it will take for this to piss off the greenes and we lose the right to mine this way.

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nice rich nice!




"Live Long and Prospect!"

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topo tony
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very cool 



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Thanks guys.

Looks like I might be heading back up again on Thursday to run a highbanker.

That is, if the weather clears out...

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Been back a few time to the claim since the original post. This is the claim that I call my "Cobble Claim".

It is the perfect claim for this time of year. It has easy access, below the snow line, get full sun from morning till late afternoon, and THE GROUND IS NOT FROZEN! Oh yeah, has pretty good gold too.

Here is the picture of the gold from our latest outing on Sunday. Went with Greg and James. Had a great day digging gravel, playing in the water, and hanging out with some great mining buddies. Total weight is .45 grams.



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Jason Andrews
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Looks like a good spot. Sure as heck nice access. How many buckets did you move in a day?

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richard morris
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are you going to the outting at knighta ferry this weekend c you their il be the rokkie



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I think we did about 15 buckets classified to 1/4 inch. We calculated it out, and we believe we moved (including the unprocessed material) between 1/2 to 3/4 of a yard. Works out to around a gram per cubic yard. 

On 2 previous trips I have found that digging deeper produces bigger gold, so the ratio will probably improve when we start using power equipment and can work our way DOWN.


We are going back to the claim this weekend, so I won't be at the Knights Ferry outing. I will be at the club meeting on Thursday though.


 People are doing either what they THINK is right,
or what they KNOW is wrong.

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