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Matteo & Veronica
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Just wanted to say hello to all the gold hounds out there. 

The wife and I got the gold bug pretty hard, and are looking forward to meeting like minded people.   We live in SF now, but in a couple weekswe are packing up the 4x4 and heading to the hills for the ENTIRE gold season! (if not the rest of our lives)  Wish we could have made this May outing but we are just so busy preparing for our own adventure.

  I would love to talk with any members who have thoughts and ideas about alterative dredging practices.  Hand sniping with hookas and such.  Where is that fine line we have to dance.  Being new to mining...only a year or two total.  I do not understand the laws all the way or the correct terms that define it all for johnny law.   Any one who would like to shed a little light on this would would help so much.

Just a tiny breif intro.  We are both in our early 30's.  Veronica is from SF and I Matteo am from Texas.  We spent the last 6 years down in mexico,with out two dogs living one adventure after the next.  We are just a little bit different and running off too the hills in search of gold is right up our alley!  We look forward to meeting you guys, and cant wait to share in the excitement of the hunt!

Happy trails and full pans to you all!

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Welcome; The best way to "talk" is at an outing; Did you join Meet-up?


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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Matteo & Veronica
Posts: 47

Thanks Pucky!

We will forsure be at the next outing .  Hopefully by the next meeting we will be out in the field mining full time.  You got a great thing set up here Pucky, Thanks

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