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I guess this is where the official annoucement of my presence goes.  :)

I have been prospecting for about 3 years.  I got started by meeting Pat Keene at a Chatworth History day in the valley and then started going to thte East Fork with the gang.

I test and test so I have several pans, sluices and a Gold Lab.  I like it so so much, I give demo's to the local clubs and other prospectors.

I would love to try some Alaskin black sand in it, as I have heard that it is very hard to pan.

I will be at the July outing, if you want to try any of my pans or run material through the Gold Lab.


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bryan henningfeld . golden bear
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thanks kirk that would be real intrestin.welcome to the club!!


Golden Bear

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Matteo & Veronica
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Well, I have to say the GOLD LAB looks very cool

I am Impressed!  That thing could rock around here for the beach gold we found.....OMG!



Living the Dream Baby!!...... One "NUGGET" At A Time

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Bring a handful of sand to the outing and let's see what it does.

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I see you got here! Welcome! See you soon!


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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