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     I'm looking for your help here. We all know that mining in general is in the crosshairs of every environmental group in the country, and there are some extremely skewed perspectives of what our impact on the environment is. We need to be able to educate and inform the very groups that are against us so that we can turn our enemies into our allies.

     We area all aware of the huge amount of lead (spent bullets, fishing weights, etc) and residual Mercury from the old time mining operations we recover in our pursuits. Whether you're a metal detectorist, sluicer, dredger, panner, or even a hiker, you know it's hard to go into the great outdoors and not recover some of the above, or just general trash. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the claims I've visited tend to be cleaner and better maintained than the general public lands. I'm a firm believer in land stewardship practices, as I'm sure the rest of you are.

     We all hear about the envioros clamoring, demonstrating, and litigating to make their points about keeping the environment clean. But, personally I have yet to meet any of those same people out in the wilderness actually doing anything to make a difference. You'd have to agree that the guys who are swallowing 4 gallons of river water a year have a bigger stake in its purity than those who pretend to care and hide behind their principles. We need to make a statement, and so I'm asking for everyones help. I want all of your collected lead, Mercury, etc to be brought to our meetings so we can collectively gather it and turn it in. Actions speak louder than words, and those who are joking about renaming their dredges to RIU's (River Improvement Units) are quite possibly onto something. Let's all pitch in and get some good PR out there in this battle for our rights.

     If anyone has any more questions or suggestions, feel free to PM or email me, and Pucky and I will have containers for the collection starting at our meeting next month. Thanks for your help,



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Amen Brother!!


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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Great post.


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That sounds like a good plan for the club. I personally keep all my lead and mercury. The lead I re melt into fishing lures and weights. The mercury I reuse to recover my very fine gold.



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