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Well I was introduced to the club thru my friend Mac. Came up north for a two week visit at the end of July. Hard to go back home to So. Cal. Im a new member to the GPAA, San Fernando Valley Chapter. maybe you herd of Keene Eng. Dah. Well that is where the meetings are held, (in their wearhouse). I love it up here around Sacramento, lots of rivers, streams, outdoors. Looking forward to my  next visit.  

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Welcome to the world of Golden dreams Tomas. Good AU Hunting 2 U


Joel Brush (Rockbuster)

East Bay Prospectors

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   Get one of the hoohah's from Keene and I'll be your best freind in this club..:D


Scotty  EastbayChapter GPAA                                                    

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Dirty D
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As a So Cal escapee myself I know exactly how you feel . I left alot behind down there but don't miss any of it. Welcome to EBP.

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welcome to the dang ol club man. lol.




"Live Long and Prospect!"

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Thank You everyone for the warm welcome. Hope to come visit again in a few months. Will try to post a few photos on the North Fork American River soon.8)  

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