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I just bought a mini sluice and I also bought miners moss to use with it, the sluice came with a peice of carpet, when I install the miners moss do I remove the carpet?

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I would leave the carpet under the miners moss. 

Most every sluice I have seen is either stock, or has modified types and lengths of different carpets and "miners moss to achieve ones desiered sucess' .     

        So gentleman....

what is  the proper carpeting and moss arrangement for ones sluice to achieve maximum concentration? and or what set up do you run?

I run plain old flat green carpet.




"Live Long and Prospect!"

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Terry and J

I modified mine and have backed minor moss for the first riffel with no expanded metal over it, and the rest of the box is regular green carpet with expanded metal over it.  the moss loads up some times, but when i clean up, i get most of fines in the moss.  thanks for bringing up the topic,  now i wish i could go mining.  have a great day,from the open waters of the Pacific.



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If you are using the moss that is backed, then carpet is not needed, if there is no backing on the moss...use the carpet.  There seems to be a lot of different opinions as to where or if to use expanded metal.  Look on the net, you'll find them.  When using my old keene sluice, then I had expanded metal and moss the length.  In my boomer (thats what I call my dredge now), all I have is carpet.  I havent added metal or moss yet.  One of the reasons....I have to reset the top edge of the riffles as they do not have the space between them and the bottom of the sluice to allow their use and close properly....yet.

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