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Tom Cochran
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Can anybody express what would be a good size for for all round use?? wife and I are having  a hard time trying to pick between 5th or hitch type trailers and since this is going to be our first one.(moving up from a tent).  we would like to be able to use for mostly prospecting. Thanks guys and we can not wait to get out with the group.

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Ya know, I can't really say anything as to what you might need, but......wife and I have also been looking around.  We decided that a fifth wheel was not the way we are going to go, need the truck bed available for quad or trail bike.

We've been looking on Craig's List and there seems to be a good number of deals on trailers right now.  Since it is only the wife and I 90% of the time, we are looking at one that will be approx 26 feet or so.  That will accomadate the two of us with plenty of room, and leave available space when the daughter, her husband and 2 kids come along.

Let me know how you guys go if you pull the trigger before we do, would be interested in what you get and how you made the decision.

Good luck

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also look into pop-up campers, my uncle got one for 500 bucks in good conditions and it is great, lots of room, tows great and dosent take up much room at the house and they have hard side one that are a little warmer. james


i would rather sleep out side :D

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Pull trailer is the way to go so you can still use your truck bed . Get one with a slide as it makes a big difference as far as room inside.

I have a 25 foot trailer now with a slide and it is great for myself and the wife (when she can go) but I would not want to have another couple and two kids as their would not be enough room.

Get the largest one that you can  pull with your vehicle and that you can afford. It's like a boat no matter what size you get it is never big enough.

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I would recommend a fleet wood tent trailer there on rugged chasis and have room for a quad or two trail bikes on the rear big plus is the stove shower toilet dining area fridge and two queen beds along with the table taht pops into a bed great li campers




"Live Long and Prospect!"

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Tom Cochran
Posts: 10

Thanks for everyones replys, we are thinging of going to the rv show on sat in Vallejo. they are advertising some nice used trailers. thanks again

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