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Here is a summary of duties for the East Bay Prospectors officers up for election in 2012:


1. Schedule, plan & officiate at all meetings.
2. Coordinate the activities of all other officers.
3. Maintain liaison with National GPAA Headquarters.



1. Record minutes at all meetings and sign-in sheets.
2. Maintain all Chapter records including
      a. The membership roster
      b. All required forms
      c. Claim Committee forms
      d. The Chapter Calendar
      e. Master copies of the Chapter Constitution & Bylaws
3. Prepare, at the Presidents direction, all Chapter correspondence.
4. Keep files of all outgoing & incoming correspondence.
5. Provide the Claim Committee Chairman current roster of Claim Committee individuals.
6. Be the custodian for all Chapter office/mail supplies.
7. Other duties as directed by the President.


1. Act as point of contact for all activities relating to claims in the local sector .
2. Coordinate with the GPAA State Claims Committee.
3. Maintain the Claim Committee Roster (provided by Secretary).
4. Coordinate the activities of the Claims Inspectors.
5. Schedule & plan common digs with the President and Outings Coordinator.
6. Make a record for Secretary and GPAA of all cleanups and inspections on claims.


Also open positions are:

1. Schedule & coordinate Chapter outings.
2. Prepare, in coordination with the President a list of proposed outings for the upcoming year, to be presented to the membership for approval.
3. Coordinate with State Director for statewide outings; all Officers will keep the President informed of Chapter activities undertaken.



1. Responsible for contacting members via email to announce chapter business.
2. Assistant to Web Manager in maintaining and design of the chapter Web Site.
3. Moderator for Chapter Web Site.


Secretary, East Bay Prospectors

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Puckywaky is the man

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I Concour;

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RE: officers up for election in 2012: The Elections are to be held Jan 5th, 2012! I do not see any action or discussion on this topic. Hello????  Anybody home?


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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19 days till the meeting folks; Not pushin it.........lol

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who is running for what"?





"Live Long and Prospect!"

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    Make nomination's   I'm voting for Joe for President. Here is the reason why.... Every one of the outreaches I've set up I've always can count on Joe to be there. And he's I nice guy...  :D


Scotty  EastbayChapter GPAA                                                    

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After much thought.... I feel I still have it in me for another two years. 

I announce I will run for Secretary for another two years.   


Secretary, East Bay Prospectors

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Sourdough Joe
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Hey y'all,

I accept Scotty's nomination, i'll run for President.

Thanks for your vote, Sourdough Joe


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