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David Eastridge (WailingDave,Blues power)
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:) OK then,,, It took me a few days to recover from our recent trip and be able to sit down and write this..... The way we were treated on our October visit to Ca. was very special,,,Pucky and Teri took us in, made sure we were happy, loaned us tools, and Pucky went with us to the LDMA - I Bar where we camped,cooked out,set by the fire social/coffee,picked wild grapes, met some really nice folks in LDMA (thanks Ken for loaning me a shovel,capt. Doug for being himself, Olan and his BIG dog for letting me get in the dirt and play just to name a few) Pucky even though wasn't feeling all that good took us up to the Rose for a few days where we found some Gold and nice folks,, Big Foot (Jeff) and his sister Laurie made Kim feel right at home,,,

then it was off to visit HurtHawk and Diane,,oh yea and don't forget the 2 doggies..what great hospitality from this clan,, put us up and made us feel right at home,,, then off to the 155 claim where we met up with Joe who had came up just to join in for a couple of days,,   worked the 155 for a few days and found some nice gold,, boy what a beautiful place it is down by the water,,, I could smell the trout in the creek,,

for a change of pace Rick got us up on some tailing's to get some detector experience,, Joe, Charlie,Myself and HurtHawk,, Rick let us use 3 of his detectors and set us free to run amok the digs,, what fun and with Rick there to help us to understand what was going on..... I found allot of old square nails and some trash but I did find a rock that beeped with no visible gold,, which I recovered and we later tested it to actually have Gold in the ore.....

You know after 2 trips to Ca. and the nice treatment by club members and family,, I would say Hawaii is not the only place that has allot of ALOHA,, All of the prospectors that we have met have been really nice folks and they all have allot of ALOHA!

PS... almost forgot,, we got in late the first night ,,next day was shopping before heading off to the woods,,, that night Pucky had a club meeting to go to, and we were invited to go,it was the  end of the year meeting and raffle,,I wanted to join in and support this club so I bought tickets and asked Kim would you like some tickets,, no she said,, wow I thought she is so competitive I was surprised she declined,, oh well, at least I got mine, they started to call #'s and I looked at my wife and with a smug look on her face and in her tightly clinched fist were raffle tickets,, hahah, but then she got her name called and she was able to pick a .4 gram nugget,, well I knew I was doomed from that day on that she got her Gold and hadn't even been to the woods yet,,boy the pressure,,,, but I did manage to pick a black digging scoop ( which I needed).. Many thanks to the folks there,, sorry but in the excitement of it all,, Pucky will have to name the club we attended,,,

Without the Prospecting Clubs and nice people,we, who have come from so far,, would not stand a chance to enjoy the great outdoors of your great state Ca. to the extent that we have had the chance to ......

 Much Mahalos and Kudos for all the help and kindness,, thanks Pucky,, thanks HurtHawk   ----    Your friend David (wailingDave,,blues power) Eastridge

OH yea and to moon David,, I think you need to watch the latest discovery channel showing on how the universe was made,,,, Personally I don't think the moon has ever hit the earth,, I think science is on the point of proving that the rocks of the moon mostly came from the earth,,,,,,,,,,,,but that's just someones opinion:roll:

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Mr B
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Great story. Thanks for sharing.

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Dave:   We went to The UPI (United Prospectors) Monthly Meeting; They are another great club, established in 1947 (I think) They have claims and Outings, but do have a Membership yearly fee of $45 or so;


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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David Eastridge (WailingDave,Blues power)
Posts: 26

8)thanks Pucky,, I thought it was the Delta gold diggers,, don't know where that came from...Anyway the UPI were a bunch of nice folks and we had plenty fun at their meeting....

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David Eastridge (WailingDave,Blues power)
Posts: 26

I also want to mention Robert Marsh,, a really nice guy that came up to the Rose to prospect with us,,, we will look forward to Prospecting with Robert again next trip...... Mahalo David   8)

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