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David Eastridge (WailingDave,Blues power)
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Aloha Gang; Its that time of year again,,, Veterans Day! :D

If you know of a veteran in the club or in your area,,, please take the time to notice that human being for being human.!.. make sense? after all you may not have agreed with any wars... but the human that served anyway, deserves to be recognised for his or her efforts.... they were only doing what they thought they had to at the time.......Please lets remember our Veterans of  all conflicts or wars,, and try to make them feel accepted and appreciated...

I would like to say Mahalo to all Veterans and our serving military and their families for all their sacrifices.....

oh yea and please if you know a combat veteran, please don't say to him or her that, you know how they feel or that you have been where they have,,,, we have all grown up with different hardships,, but unless you have had to take human lives to do your job,, then you haven't been there or know how they feel,,,,truly....

                               Signed; surviving combat veteran U.S. Navy

Mahalo for the Club East Bay Prospectors  for being there for all of us....

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David Eastridge (WailingDave,Blues power)
Posts: 26

8)  Happy Veterans Day,, I have been invited up to Havii to participate in the Kohala National Gard Ceremony to Honor the Vietnam Vets for an official THANK YOU for our service..Somehow I do feel Honored by this....Even if its in a small way ...Make today a special day!  Mahalo to all... David E.

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