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Jeremy Watkins
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Newer to the club and havin a ball. Love watchin even the smallest flake run accros the black mat! A month or two ago we won a picker in one of the other clubs raffle, We tested this piece of gold and it turns out it was only 14K gold. Gold nonetheless, but in the spirit of mining and friends it was kind of disappointing. Is this a common thing, is all the giveaway gold refined, and is it known by the purchaser of said gold for these functions and purposes? Kind of like the the thought of a true picker being just that, a piece of gold picked up out of the river! Just curious, not startin a crusade, Your thoughts.....................................................

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I know that all 'natual' gold isn't pure. Usually it is around 20K.

Anyone can be fooled into thinking they are buying quality if they trust the seller.

Not sure what happened in your case, but sorry to hear that your prize wasn't such a prize.


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