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Matteo & Veronica
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Hey guys/gals

We have left the mother load region( coulterville/sonora), and moved on too the high country.  Trinity/shasta area.  Anyone who is ever up this way, hit us up. e We should be here through the season all depending on how much gold we can pull. 

Enjoy the good weather and get out there and get those pans wet


check out the NEW Marripossa County gpaa 49ers group!  good group just started!


Living the Dream Baby!!...... One "NUGGET" At A Time

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Good luck to you folks! Keep us posted as to your Prospecting Adventures;


P  Pu  Puc  Pucky!

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Jeremy Watkins
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would luv to join ya if there is room pucky, thanks JW

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Good luck guys!

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   Try Hobbo Gulch. Ive had luck there. 8)


Scotty  EastbayChapter GPAA                                                    

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I recommend you check out the wilderness areas between French Gulch and Weaverville.  Those mountains are honeycombed with old abandoned hard rock mines.  Very rich history in that vicinity. 


Gold Fever Survivor.  The only treatment for Gold Fever is MORE GOLD! :D

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