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From a email....

Senate Bill 401 misuses the Oregon Scenic Waterways Act to shut down approximately 2,000 small-scale suction dredge gold mining businesses across the state. This bill disregards the scientific results from a large number of investigations, including the $1.2 million California Environmental Impact Report, that agree to no lasting harm and imply an overall net benefit for fish from the suction dredge gold mining industry. The studies contain substantial information to support the position that the OSW law is being misused to fix an emotional, not an environmental, issue within a segment of the Oregon population.

Under the Oregon Scenic Waterways Act, the condition of the properties along the designated rivers is grandfathered in for protection of private property rights. This point is often emphasized. Actually, the day the river adjacent to a person’s private property is designated an Oregon Scenic Waterway, the landowner’s interests and rights become secondary to the state infringing on the personal property rights of those living within a quarter-mile of the an OSW- designated river. Private property owners must plant barriers between them and the river to allow out-of-town recreationalists floating the river an illusion of their perfect Utopia. The operation of small-scale gold suction dredges does not interfere with the free flow of waters in their natural state; does not reduce water quality and quantity for recreation, fish and wildlife uses; nor does it interfere with the scenic and aesthetic qualities from the river perspective (that determination is in the eyes of each individual).

SB401 is a misuse of the Oregon Scenic Waterways Act. This act was passed for higher principals than to have it used to destroy a small Oregon industry that the scientific facts have determined has a less-than-significant effect on the environment.

Claudia Wise, Albany (Feb. 28)


Douglas(Pucky)Junghans Northern California's GPAA State Director


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New today!

If SB401 or SB838 go up for the hearing they will pass out of the Senate Envvironment and Natural Resources committee. 


The two main sponsors of the bill are Bates and Hass (who are on this committee) so only Dingfelder need vote yes (and she will). 


So we must flood the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee and the Senate President Peter Courtney with phone calls, e-mails and postal letters.  They do not collate your comments so if you use each approach to comment an individual will be able to comment 3-times.  If you have family, friends or neighbors that will contact these legislators tell them how important it is to stop this and ask for their help.  I also think it might be better to comment on each bill separately so the information will go into the right public comment folders.

The list below shows who is on the committee.  If necessary it will not be much trouble to add the contact information.


Joint CommitteesWays andMeansMembership:

Sen. Richard Devlin, Co-Chair

Rep. Peter Buckley, Co-Chair

Sen. Betsy Johnson, Co-Vice Chair

Rep. Nancy Nathanson, Co-Vice Chair

Rep. Dennis Richardson, Co-Vice Chair

Sen. Alan Bates

Sen. Chris Edwards

Sen. Fred Girod

Sen. Bill Hansell

Sen. Rod Monroe

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Sen. Chuck Thomsen

Sen. Doug Whitsett

Sen. Jackie Winters

Rep. Jeff Barker

Rep. Lew Frederick

Rep. Tim Freeman

Rep. Bruce Hanna

Rep. John Huffman

Rep. Bob Jenson

Rep. Betty Komp

Rep. Mike McLane

Rep. Tobias Read

Rep. Greg Smith

Rep. Carolyn Tomei

Rep. Jennifer WilliamsonStaffing:

Ken Rocco

Gina Rumbaugh


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Latest update on Oregon bills:

Yesterday, Galice Recorder, Ida Reman finished the filing process for the injunction, which orders the United States Marshal Service to physically serve a summons to Alan Bates, Jackie Dingfelder, Peter Coutrney, John Kitzhaber and the State of Oregon. The marshals should be paying the respondents a little visit sometime this week. The respondents have 21 days to respond to the complaint or face enjoinment by default, while we have another 21 days after to counter any responses. Considering the delivery of mail, 401, 838, 115, etc. should be frozen for the next 60 or so days, during which time the state and its agents cannot act unless they want to risk being found in contempt of court

The bottom line: the dredge season in Oregon will proceed as usual until at least mid to late July, assuming the worst case scenario.


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