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Been lurking here for a while but haven't posted yet. Haven't done much prospecting in quite some time... but then that's just how life is. Enjoy prospecting and fishing, basically just getting out of the apartment with my little dog... which limits where we are able to go unfortunately since he goes just about everywhere with me.

Been meaning to come to one of the general meetings but by the time I get out of work and make it up to Concord it would more than likely already be well under way. Found this site when I renewed my GPAA membership with the intention of just getting out into the mountains again.

If anyone is looking for a partner for any adventures and doesn't mind a friendly little terrier mutt along (Oh, and I would come as well..) send me a message. I have a metal detector and some pans, but think (not sure and have to go to my storage to check) that my sluice wound up being donated to charity when I moved from a rental house to an apartment and storage became an issue (even storage unit is pretty full now).

Was never very good a prospecting, mostly just used it as an excuse to go out and play around in the dirt/water, but love seeing a flash in the pan and can take direction/education from someone much more knowledgable than myself without issue!

Nice to meet you all,


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Welcome to the forum; There is a link on the links page for "Meetup" Check it out, and others on that page, and/or come to a Outing and sign in/up there. You can call me if needed 672-1863    Again, Welcome


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Sourdough Joe
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were you able to make the outing yesterday? that  and talking to folks at the mtg will help you get into the hobby.

see you around sometime?


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