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I took this from the GPAA Forum, and am passing the request on for your consideration. Thank You






Randy Waters appeared in the Curry County Courthouse on March 18, 2013 at 10:00am before Magistrate Jesse Margolis.

In a stipulated facts trial Randy pled guilty to unlawful water pollution II and was found guilty.

Probation 36 months.

Fine is $750.00

court costs $100.00

attorney $800.00

TOTAL $1650.00

If I pay the above amount within 30 days I've satisfied the court requirements. If not it will be assessed an additional $200.00 and sent to collections who will tack on an additional 28%.



Court Conditions are: Do not operate suction dredge in any location without a valid and proper permit. Do not operate a suction dredge on Wild and Scenic section of Rogue River without permission from this court after obtaining proper permits.



So here is how it stands. If I don't pay the $1650.00 the court will add $200.00 and send it to collections. Then collections will tack on $518.00 for a grand total of $2368.00.

Being on a fixed income of less than $1100.00 a month I see that I can't pay the fine and will have to get it into collections where I can make payments. The good thing about this is that my Lawyer is filing the appeal challenging the validity of the NPDES 700PM permit. If I win I get all the money back. Bad news is that it could take 2 years to get before the appeals court.



If anyone feels that they can spare a couple of dollars I would greatly appreciate it. If and when I win my case and my fines are refunded I will send them up the line to someone else or another organization that is fighting on our behalf. I will not keep it for myself.



Randy Waters

28555 Hunter Creek Loop #36

Gold Beach, OR 97444

541-373-0259 cell



Thanks for your support throughout this 1 ½ years case.


Please feel free to pass this on


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Posts: 1394

Hello Folks; I spoke to Randy about some people not quite believing his story because they never were told of the case. That's easily understood. There is more to it than what he wrote, and here is some info if you want to check it out. He has been in contact with Jerry Hobbs and others. It was not advertized. I got this from him; "This is to notify you that 'cowboy444' has sent you a Private Message with the following subject, 'Case # 12CR0399', on Gold Prospectors Association of America Forum" . He will try to copy & send me the Court Papers soon.


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