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Been an interesting week. On the UPI club forum I got word that the forest service recieved a new influx of funding that came from the big fire in the Stanislaus national forest. A few years ago they bouldered up one of the coarsegold clubs claims blocking all of their camping sites. They produced a letter from PLP and quickly got the forest services attention and the boulders were removed. We have 3 claims not far from that one on bull creek. Word came down that the trail to two of the claims was not passable. I called the forest service as we have some disabled and handicapped miners one of which uses crutches or a wheel chair. Immediatly they got out the ADA book and started quoting access distances for handicapped access and said they are in compliance.  But if we needed a little more room they would work with us.  Friday I drove to the claim got out my measuring tape and camers. Entering the campground they had lined up boulders on the left side litterally cutting the campground by at least a third. on the hill side about 20 ft up they had laid down a line of boulders and really scarred up the campground. Just wait for an earthquake and some of those unstable boulders come down. The pathway to our claim was completly blocked. The dumped a 4 ft high berm of soil and planted 3 to 4ft diameter boulders on top. The clearance was 12 inches.  They also abladed (their term) the soil on both sides this is to support new growth of plants to make the trail more inaccessable.  Going to the Stanislaus enclave on hwy 120 and meeting with the responsible person Vern he said we should have adequate access then I showed him the photos and we talked handicapped people. In the end I won out on that location and he agreed to remove a boulder and restore access to our claim. I still lost on a second claim up near your claim just past spinning wheel.  One of my friends has a claim past the locked gate. I had talked to him about this 6 months ago and was waiting for a resolution. Their travel manegment  maps and the BLM maps   clearly show the road continuing beyond the gate for at least 500 ft.  Friday he back pedaled on his original statement. He claims that the maps are incorrect the gate is where it should be and our GPS are innaccurate.  Going to give this one over to PLP  I did not get up to your claim this weekend to see what they had done. But almost all of the accessable small roads along bucks meadow road on moore creek are blocaded.  AND NOT ONE of the boulder patches that they laid down has a 36 inch clearance.  This is a requirement by the ADA. In all cases they trenched the dirt on both sides of the boulder patch.  This brings me to another point, When I visited the coarsegold folks at our outing ( I am also a life member of that club along with LDMA) They told me that the contractor came by their camp and were scrounging boulders. I asked vern about this and he said that they buy the boulders. The problem I see with this is claim jumping by the forest service. All minerals on a claim belong to the claim holder. A boulder is a mineral and this is plain and simple theivery. Maybe that boulder had a specific use on the claim and now it is missing.  So if you have any other claims in that forest.most likely your access is blocked.  I could not get to that specific claim this weekend as I had to mow, weed and remove three truckloads of pine needles grass and leaves from my property. Sunday I have to go out to coulterville area and replace club claim markers.  Hopefully some of your members made it up there this weekend and found you still have access. I have come to a conclusion that the forest service has lied and are not honering the ADA hand book and will only do so when they are called on it with pictures.

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Gary Chance
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I went to the Land Use Seminar last month and found out interesting information. First, do you have a Plan of Operation filed with each forest service district your calims are located in? If you did, they would have notified you about and changes or plans to close area's off and would have given you a chance to speak and stop the closures! Second, the Forest Service does not have to comply with the ADA Act fully yet pertaining to claim access. There is a lawsuit in process to change the guideline for closure or access to off road area's/claims for people that are handicaped


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I guess I missed something when this stuff started happening. Do we know who's behind it? Who's directing the forest service to block access to public land? Know that might help me grasp the bigger picture.


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George (aka) Kegger George
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Sounds like big brother is sneaking their Ideas into motion using the forest service. Where they will eventually stop all access regardless if there are legal claims still active or not to squeeze us out. I could see it if there was a concern during extreme dry conditions with the budget cutbacks the CDF has to deal with in fighting fires this year.

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joe davis squabman
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Last weekend at the Moore creek claims of DGD, two temporary rangers said they were surveying the area to see if it could be open to off road motorin The two temporary rangers said they were checking how the area was being used. I pointed out that prospecting was a way of life and was in danger of being lost to everyone. Gary, didn't a ranger tell you not to move a big boulder at the 155? I guess that dosen' apply to them when they want to close roads.


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