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Flyin Brian
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I just joined GPAA last month and started looking around the website and found the local chapter so here I am to introduce myself.  My name is Brian, I am 47 and I'm looking for some Yellow Gold!!  I did some prospecting/panning when I was a teenager and lived in Jackson, CA.  I don't know why I stopped but after years of thinking about it, I am ready to get back out there and give it a go.

I spent this past weekend in Mariposa, fishing with my wife and I brought my pan and shovel.  We stopped in Coulterville at a mining/survival equipment shop and I ended up buying a small sluice.  The shop owner suggested going up 120 near Yosemite where there was fishing(wife) and panning(me) at the same location.  We went up there and after 2 hours my wife was ready to leave as there were no fish to be had.  I gave the sluice a try even though I knew it wasn't the type of ground that I thought would be good, and after cleaning it out I found a microscopic flake of gold that my wife just laughed at :/

Anyhow, I hope I can make the meeting Thursday and I would like to find out about any places to go that would be productive.


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Right on another Brian... LOL...  that is why I go by Ramos.:D

Welcome!  We hope to see you at the meeting Thursday.  

There are a few members going to Bear River  (off I80) before the town of Colfax tomorrow.   You may want to link up with them to get more details.  



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Gary Chance
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Welcome to the club Brian.


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Welcome Brian



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Flyin Brian
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I am pretty sure I will be at the meeting tomorrow night, I definitely want to join and one of my Sons is going to try to make it as well.  I've got a bunch of questions so you guys will have plenty to do just answering my noob questions!!  :D

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