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As most have heard, Joe's ticket was drawn while representing the club in Las Vegas at the GPAA Conference. He chose to donate it to the club as a fund raiser item. This is at least a $3-4K value and a bucket list type adventure. Tickets are on sale now for $5 each and will stay on sale at least 3-4 months. There was much debate on how to raffle this off but the theme of "what helps the club the most" sifted to the top. There was a big  discussion of limiting sales per person to even out the chances of winning but when the topic of enforcing that came up, it was clear if somebody wanted extra tickets, they could have somebody who wasn't interested buy tickets for them. Bottom line is this should add a pretty penny to our ability to maintain and add claims. Good Luck!


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Sourdough Joe
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and just to make sure lightning does not strike twice, i will not buy any tickets. and if someone puts my name in, i will be picking another ticket.


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By all means Joe, you should be able to participate.

From what I understant, you were at the event representing the club, so the prize went to the club.

If YOU buy a ticket, then you are reperesenting you, so you should have a shot at it like the rest of us.

Again, my 2c.


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Sourdough Joe
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i agree i can buy a tkt, i choose not too.

if i buy a tkt, and win it's just me buying the tkt. and i consider my luck to be the club's luck. so one win is enough for me.

i want someone else to have the opportunity to go to Alaska.

i've been there and will go again, just not on this trip. 

good luck to the winner, that is, get lotsa gold in Alaska.

sourdough joe


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It was Joe's luck that won the ticket and it's Joe's privilege to donate his winnings to the club, and this magnanimous gesture is hugely appreciated. Just sayin.


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