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bryan henningfeld . golden bear
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this is in reference to a picture posted of a member useing a HB on a stream.you can't be dumping discharge into the water.your machine needs to be at least 20 ft from the water.i'am sure thats the rule.correct me if i'am wrong.thats the way i've always done it.


Golden Bear

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james 48
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The material is is coming out of the water next to the HB.

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Sourdough Joe
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wet to wet, dry to dry is what i was told.  

if the power sluice is in the water, and the material bein' fed into the sluice is comin' out of the water, it can discharge back into the water.

if the material goin' into the power sluice came from dry land, the the discharge from the sluice has to o into a holding pond, not ino a river, stream or creek.

have the rules changed from this?


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Still trying to find where these "rules" are listed. Read one court decision from down south where a water district won a lawsuit after being charged with pollution. They were moving water through a canal or such but the water ended up back in the same river. Court said since your not adding something new it can't be pollution. This supports the wet-to-wet but I would really like to find the DFW code for the dry-to-dry. This new suction loophole order is listed in the pollution section of the DFW code. I'll keep looking when I can.


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