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Hi everyone I just had an idea for calibrating sluices for fine gold right where you place your sluice.  Take a bucket of California beach sand, which is loaded with magnetite, and run some through your sluice adjusting your sluice angle and water flow until you have most of the sand clearing out leaving magnetite with some white sand in your riffles. You don't want to clear all the white sand because you should leave a margin of error to catch magnetite and heavier material  (gold.) You can make a calibrating mixture from store bought sand too by mixing some of your magnetite from previous expeditions into the store sand.


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Good idea Robyn! Might as well go buy a bag or few of unfiltered mortar sand from Lowes or you favorite home center, make sure they come from the San Berdino area in So.Cal,there have been reports of some finding gold in the bags! They are under 5 bucks a bag,I don't reminder which company it comes from but I know their plant is close or in a gold Bering wash. :)


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That's funny....:)


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