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California Miners Get The Shaft Again!

Los Angeles Newspaper twists the truth about Prospectors in the Angeles National Forest


freePRnow.com, 10/05/2012 - An Article appeared this past Saturday in a Los Angeles newspaper,which blatantly and purposefully twisted a story about the state of the Angeles Nat'l Forest's East Fork of the San Gabriel River.On any weekend,especially in the summer months,thousands of LA's lower income families head up to the refuge of this once beautiful area.The area under the responsibility pf the Angeles Nat'l Forest boasts a larger number of visitors than Yosemite Nat'l Park.I have watched this once pristine mountain get-away, turn into a garbage slum similar to the worst inner city slum imaginable.

The area,once rich in gold prospecting and mining history has been transformed into a virtual dumping ground for dirty diapers,discarded beer bottles,fast food bags and wrappers, and almost any form of trash imaginable.The article paints a picture that this is mostly caused by the few local prospectors who also visit the area,in search of the illusive yellow metal.

The article does mention the thousands of picnickers who come up seeking relief from the heat down in the inner city,but leads the reader to believe that the prospectors are the root of the problem. An excerpt from the article:

"Thousands of picnickers and gold prospectors park every weekend along a two-lane road overlooking the East Fork of the San Gabriel River,then trundle down to the mountain creek with ice chests,boomboxes,shovels,sluice boxes and baby carriers strung with diapers"

As a prospector for years, I have NEVER seen a prospector carrying "Boomboxes"and "baby carriers strung with diapers" with their prospecting equipment!This is a blatant attempt by the media to divert the attention of the unsuspecting public to the small miner/prospector.This has been the policy of the Angeles Nat'l Forest's,Forest Supervisor for years.

I know this to be FACTbecause I have seen the current Forest Supervisor purposefully mislead the public by going so far as to post an UNAPPROVED and ILLEGAL POLICY on a Federal Forest Service Web Site(see http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/angeles/home/?cid=stelprdb5356908 for Mining Policy)

Research shows that the 1928 Watershed Act does NOT prohibit PROSPECTING.The 1872 Mining Law and the 1955 Minerals Act protects prospectors RIGHTS to prospect on Public Lands.If you want the facts,contact Public Lands for the People,Inc.(a 501(c)(3)Non-Profitorganization who protects the RIGHTS of people using Public Lands.

The article goes on:

"Tom Contreras,supervisor of 640,000-acre Angeles national Forest,said a few more rangers and cleanup crews would certainly enhance his ability to enforce laws on the river,but budget restraints have made that all but impossible.""We have one full-time technician assigned to that area-I wish we had more" Contreras said.


"They litter,light campfires,defecate in the wild,dig for gold and engage in many other banned activities along the river.US Forest Service rangers try in vain to curtail the abuses but are hopelessly outnumbered."

Contreras can play the "OH POOR ME" card all he wants,stating that they don't have enough money or staff,but ask him how much money is being wasted on additions and renovations to his Office complex.Ask him why he has the staff to harass local law abiding miners,while rangers are dressed in full battle gear carrying M-16's.Ask him about their INTIMIDATION tactics used when confronting the prospectors and even small children out panning for the first time.Why won't the media print the unbiased Truth



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More negative propaganda about legitimate miners, sigh. This newspaper article must be refuted in an editorial comment.


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i have been there and had first hand account with the "local prospectors" and saw the public that converges on the east fork. I have personal accounts of the prospectors picking up the trash after the public leaves. 99% of the miners that i met didnt even have an ice chest! and who would take a baby prospecting. the place is littered in areas where there isnt any prospectors,way up the canyons from hikers partying, of course theres beer bottles and cans strewn around the puvlic that take their full ice chests out in the woods dump thie crap so they dont have to carry a full ice chest back. but since prospectors have to make multiple trips to pack up thier equipment we dont mind the bag of trash that has to come back out with us. and the place is covered with graffiti on the rocks dumpsters signs ect... this is seriously a ten minute drive from east LA and they blame the problems on gold prospectors?. I am seriously getting pissed off at all this bs.!  

by the way theres some nice gold out there on the east fork better get there before they close it down! some of the benches in the hydraulic days yielded tons of gold! and i hear if your willing to hike a couple miles the gold gets better up past the bridge to nowhere!




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