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Hi everyone, my A52 conversion with Gold Hog Scrubber and Razorback mat was tested at the South Fork American River. I changed over to my Angus MacKirk sluice after running it for awhile. Doc did say that Gold Hog mats need velocity and my sluice wasn't getting enough, so I'm going to convert it to a High Banker with the Keene extension and Grizzly/Hopper and use a 2 hp pump on it. The Gold Hog Mat is heavy stuff to lug around too, so now my Keene A52 will become a Power Sluice/High Banker for heavier duty mining. I'm not outfitting it for dredging since that seems like a mode of mining that will remain in limbo for awhile (hopefully resolved and not banned.) The higher velocity and volumne from a 2 hp pump should work well on this sluice.


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