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The following is and open letter from Jerry Hobbs, President, Public Lands for the People.

It’s the bottom of the ninth!  Please help now!

Be advised small-scale mining community, suction dredging is about to disappear permanently in California if PLP does not immediately obtain substantial additional legal funding. The California outcome will reverberate throughout all of the states with suction dredge mining. If we lose, the radical environmentalists have a road map to replicate their success everywhere.

PLP’s preliminary injunction arguing irreparable harm to the small-scale miner was denied by our judge despite the fact that a Siskiyou County case found in favor of irreparable harm to the miners. Our trial is again delayed, this time until May 2014.

Our deep pocket opponents: the radical environmentalists; the Karuk Indians; and the State of California; have no financial issues. Their combined effort delaying our case is successfully running PLP out of money. Without additional funding, PLP will not be able to continue hiring legal representation nor pay our share of the estimated $100,000 administrative fees required by the State to compile the complete record of all the previous trials.


There are two ways for miners to never be able to suction dredge in California again: have our judge rule against us on the merit of the case, which can be appealed; or PLP failing to show up for the case because we ran out of money, which cannot be appealed.

Folks, we need a grassroots effort here. PLP is requesting that each club immediately become creative and initiate fund raising opportunities. Designate the resultant funds for our collective legal fight.

PLP is calling on all clubs to immediately encourage each one of their club members to enroll as individual PLP members. The annual individual membership is $35. That is only 9.6 cents per day per member. Is there any small miner who cannot afford a dime a day? A family membership for $50 is only 14 cents a day. But, why stop there? Imagine what can be done if every small miner gave 30 cents a day. PLP could really go on the offensive and take the small miner fight to the rest of the nation. Thirty cents is just the change that you take out of your pocket and throw into a jar at the end of your day.

 Let’s be clear fellow miners, suction dredging is the opening gambit in the admitted radical environmentalist effort to eliminate all prospecting and mining in the country, not just California.  Highbanking, sluicing, drywashing, panning and even metal detecting are all on the chopping block. You need to look no further than Oregon to see that prediction coming true.

For this case, it is the bottom of the ninth inning. We either open our wallets or we permanently lose prospecting and small mining in California. Remember folks, in so many ways where California goes so goes the rest of the nation. If they beat us here, they will beat us everywhere. Let’s give the radical environmentalists and the complicit government a legal whooping that they won’t soon forget.

To join or donate to PLP visit www.plp1.org and access USA EPay or send a letter to:

Public Lands for the People, Inc.

 2029 Ventura Blvd., Ste 47-466

Woodland Hills, CA 91364.


Jerry Hobbs

PLP President



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Dredging is the only way to efficiently find the yellow stuff for small scale miners! I'm for it (seeing as I have just suffered a back ouchie from digging!) And yes I have been pulling mercury from the rivers and streams, usually stuck to gold or other metals.


" :)"

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An URGENT Email I received...From PLP

Please Pass on to all Your e-mail contacts.  Please spread FAR and WIDE!    




please read and share



I thank you.. ♥  And I am quite sure Jerry Hobs Thanks You too!

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Trying to get the link to work OK..A happy face keeps popping up in the addy/link..


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I hope the PLP can succeed winning this fight...Please help where you can..Thanks


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An Email from Dave Mack

Dear Pucky,


I'm starting to get nervous that there has not been very much

participation in our ongoing legal fund-raiser.  We are giving

away 25 gold and silver prizes this Friday afternoon.  Please

check it out right here:




Thanks for anything you can do!


Dave Mack

The New 49'er Legal Fund


The New 49er's, 27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California 96039, USA



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The Buchanan GA SGMA-GPAA club is organizing and we are supporting the New 49ers legal defense fund in their fight in the 3rd Circuit. Many members have and are donating to the PLP and the AMRA.

The EPA made a big mistake by proposing changes to our access (as in no access) to the TN Gold Belt in the SE TN National Forests where we have historically had dredging and sluicing rights on the NFs..

Believe me, the govt has whacked the hornet's nest and miners are up in arms in the SE Gold Belt.

We know that the rulings in CA will be heard in all of our states and we are with you.

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Shannon from the AMRA, spoke at the UPI Meeting about the challenges we are facing, and that we need to unite as never before! Spread the word near and far....       http://americanminingrights.com/  ;

PLP needs donations to keep up the fight!

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Look at what numbers(people) can do, BLM flat backed down when they realized ranchers from several states had enough and showed up in Nevada backing that rancher!! There are thousands of prospectors and miners and we only ever hear from a few. Wake up before its to late.... Prospecting, mining, camping, fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, just public access to OUR public lands will be gone forever as we know it.. Sorry for the rant, but what the government, State and Federal is doing flat pisses me off...


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I'm with you Wyatt. The "left" says nothing when the "occupy" crowds destroy downtown Oakland or other place nationwide but call out the troops for illegal cattle grazing. And yes the rancher lost in court etc. but when occupy Oakland got out of hand, nobody sent federal troops and snipers in to help the cops. It's all a BS land grab. Even Stevie Wonder can see through it.


Dale "Bear" Myer
Communications Director and Website Admin
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