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Due to Rim Fire closure, Sherry and I redirected our week long vacation to Smokin' Chips on the Feather river a few weeks back.  I had seen some interest in the forums on this claim recently and some discussion earlier on its future with the club given its distance.  Here's what info I can provide as of 9/13/2013:

1. We camped in free site at middle of claim along the road (claim marker is still in this site).  There were few other campers in these type sites around us.  Signs indicated that all such free sites will be closed in spring 2014, making the multitude of pay sites around there apparently the only option.

2. Gold was average but rewarding when we found our spot.  Spent 2 days sampling and digging big holes in the middle of the river with little to show.  Third day I found an area with some true bedrock to clean up after rolling big boulders.  We worked that for remaining time and got a little in every bucket...no pickers.

3. Water was very low based on historical pictures, but it still limited us from most of the longer, deeper stretches.  Sampled some of the good looking bench stuff also with no luck.

4. Forest service also posted they will be eradicating the blackberry bushes along the river in the spring.  That should open up more area on the claim as viable prospecting areas IMO.

5. All in all it was a fun trip once we got on a little gold.  Its a beautiful area and somehow generally spared from worst fire damage.  The other burned areas nearby are being heavily logged, but ground cover seems to be coming back slowly.  Trucks start rolling down the road around 4am on weekdays.

My assessment is that its nice to have this as an alternative claim for those who can spend several days there at times when water is low.  Its a long haul, but once there its a big claim with lots of potential.

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Thank you for the feedback!   Please remember, as with all members, please complete a copy of the "Claims Usage Report Form" and send to the Secretary.  Mailing information is located at the bottom of the form in your EBP Claims Guide.


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Nice report! Thanks for taking the time!


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