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Gone Pannin
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Trying to find reviews on this online and came up with a couple good ones, but not enough. Wondering if anyone has tried it? And what you think of it? I was at my first meeting last week and it was nice to meet some of you., as I am still a newb panner Soo enjoying this.

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Not a lot of online reviews about the Eureka, it only came out about a few months ago.  I was going to get the Eureka, but thought it was too big and I opted for the Rocky Mountain.  I also have the Foreman and the Back Packer; you can't go wrong with AM sluice boxes.

By the looks of the Eureka your going to need a good water flow.  I talked to Angus about the Eureka (considered buying it) and he said that it can handle shovel loads of material with the right water flow.  He also said that it can handle larger gravel! :)

Good luck and have fun with it!



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I have an Angus MacKirk too and it's a great sluice box. I don't know what size it is, not too big it fits into a standard bucket, and it does catch float gold flakes. I love it. I'm thinking of buying the small recirculator/power sluice for dry/low water spots too.


" :)"

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