Eastbay Gold Prospecting & Treasure Hunting Club

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East Bay Prospectors

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area Northern California

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 We are an Official GPAA Chapter! Founded in March 2009,  Are you interested in Gold Prospecting and Treasure hunting? You are welcome to join. It's FREE! All we ask is that you participate in our Club the best you can.

Our monthly meetings are on the first Thursday of each month at 7PM. (Second Thursday if the first is a Holiday)


Our new meeting location as of Feb 2013:

First Presbyterian Church - Fireside Room
1965 Colfax Street
Concord, CA
Click here for map!
Time: 7PM to 9PM

There is a FREE parking garage on Salvio across the street from the entry gate to the patio outside the room.

Please check the Events,Polls and Surveys tab on the left sidebar menu for the latest info on the meetings and outings!!

We have regular Gold Prospecting Outings too!

What are you waiting for?

 It's FREE to join us, and we are looking for a few new board members and volunteers.


 Our 2014 Club Officers are................

Elected Board Members:

President:                     Joe Waldhaus  "Sourdough Joe"

Vice President:                                             Charlie Cockle

Secretary:                                        Brian "Ramos" Ramos

Treasurer:                                                             Gary West

Claims Committee Chair:                              Gary Chance


Appointed Board Members:

Our Claims Inspectors:                            Mr. Scott Roach 

                                                                               Tony Simas 

                                                                    Jeremiah Osgood 

                                                                       Richard Turner

 Fundraising Coordinator(s):      Rick & Jackie Lindgren

Communications Director:                                Dale Myer  

Outings Coordinator:                                            --vacant--

Refreshment Coordinator:                                   --vacant--

Education and Outreach Coordinator:           

Members at Large (3):                                                                        Jim Ross                                                                                                                                 Robin Wilson
                                                                                                                            Marty Coulson

Other Appointed/Volunteer Officers:

Store Keeper(s):                                                     Blind Bob


Jr. Outings Coordinator:                 Mackenzie  Chandler

Purchasing Agent:                         Brian "Ramos" Ramos

Historian/Librarian: Bobby Whitworth "LDMA Bobby"

Greeter(s):                                         Gary "Qeeeny" Frame

                                                                              Diane Osejo

Setup/Tear down/cleanup:                           Lenny Osejo  

Cook                                                           "Sourdough Joe"

Website Manager:                                              Dale Myer

We always need volunteers!!!  

Past Presidents

2009 President/Founder:    Douglas "Pucky" Junghans

2010 President:                      Douglas "Pucky" Junghans

2011 President:                                               Tim Chandler


Contact: Dale Myer

Email: EBProspectors@yahoo.com